Welcome to the Circle Assessment!

The assessment was designed to measure latent personality attributes for the purpose of translating them into manifest factors for each element of The Circle. This process brings visibility to the underlying causes so that you may introduce an intervention and produce positive change. The Circle assessment provides a reliable instrument based on scientifically validated theories that will identify the core issues are holding you back from having the happy and successful life you seek. Having a reliable instrument that can provide this information will make it much easier for you to focus on desired areas where you may be lacking balance. Unlocking these issues is the first step toward being able to pursue your personal goals and dreams.

The assessment will empower you to take ownership of your life and to provide you the tools to make whatever improvements you want to make on your own timetable, with no additional cost and with complete privacy. The assessment first provides you with an overall measure of your mastery of each of the four key elements. This overview will give you a high level picture of where you are strong and where you may have work to do. You will learn where you have mastered one or more of the four key development elements and which ones might require your attention. Each element of The Circle Assessment is then broken into 5 or 6 discreet factors. These factors provide more detailed information as to specific developmental areas of mastery or for growth. Furthermore, the factors are dissected into sub-factors to provide a more granular view into your tendencies.

The Circle Assessment consists of five parts. They are:

  1. Activities: Designed to give you insight into how you prioritize your time and capture the moods and emotions that accompany those activities.
  2. Independence: The first element of your journey through the Circle assessment. 
  3. Power: The second element of the Circle designed to assess your unique power. 
  4. Humility: The third element of the Circle designed to assess your level of self-focus and accuracy of your opinion of self. 
  5. Purpose: The final element of the Circle designed to assess your choices and their meaning in your life.

A Circle assessment will show which aspects of your Circle are in balance, and which are not. It will provide a guide for you to work toward achieving greater balance on your own time-table with complete confidentiality, freedom and independence. The assessment and exercises are tools that will unlock your greatest possible self by removing whatever is blocking you from achieving all that your life was intended to be.

Once you have completed the overview (Chapters 1-9), please use the personal confidential key code to begin the online assessment which will allow you to gauge the balance of your unique Circle. This process will help you interact with the book and discover opportunities for personal growth.

Each of the parts is critical in providing insight into your very unique person. Each section is designed to be completed in the order listed above in conjunction with the readings from the book.